why don't you generate the lines separately into lines.pdf and then use
the background package in the preamble like so


I do something like that with a lab request form, where I position
demographic data (with textpos) which remains searchable.

greetings, el

On 2013-12-04 01:17 , john White wrote:
> john White <john <at>> writes:
> I need some help here, guys.  I filed a brief yesterday without pleading
> paper because I needed the multiple index feature more and the document as
> filed had to be searchable. Will file another one today and still another
> one tomorrow.  The remedy of putting pleading paper in the printer before
> printing does not work in courts where the document must be searchable. 
> This is not at all ideal. If anyone on any version of lyx with any styles of
> any nature is able to get lyx to both print the pleading paper template
> mentioned above AND do an index, please advise and if possible forward the
> code.  As indicated, mine (2.06) does a bang-up job with either but errors
> out when I try to do both.  

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