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Hunspell uses its own set of dictionaries, such as Hunspell-en-us (U.S.


  Well that would certainly explain the problem.

I forget what distro you use, but if has a package manager I would start

  Sure enough, SlackBuilds.org has an English language package which
provides five dictionaries of English usage - Australian,
Canadian, United States, and two forms of British English.

  As the package maintainer explains, "he reason I've included two forms of
British English dictionaries are:

"1. The -ise suffix is more commonly used by British speakers and all other
forms such as en_DK, en_IE, en_IN, etc are symbolic links to en_GB-ise.

"2. the en_GB-ize/en_GB-oxendict which uses the -ize suffix is known as
Oxford English Dictionary Spelling and is generally favored for academic,
formal, and technical writing."

  I modified the build script to limit it to US_en as that's the only flavor
I speak/write.

Thanks for the pointer,


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