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The pdf shows the alignment issue which I cannot resolve. I tried to understand the doc of the enumitem package but how to say... Not very easy...

As you can see the label of the first item, in second level enumerate, is shifted to the right ...

I attach a mwe in lyx as well as the generated tex.

Here are the lines entered in the preamble:

\setlist[enumerate,1]{label=\textbf{\emph{Q\,\arabic*.}}, %
labelwidth=30pt, align=left, labelsep*=2pt,leftmargin=0pt, %
labelindent=0pt, itemindent=!, listparindent=0pt}
\setlist[enumerate,2]{label=\emph{\alph*)}, %
labelwidth=10pt, align=left, labelsep*=2pt,leftmargin=30pt,%
labelindent=30pt, itemindent=!, listparindent=0pt}

Thanks for your help.


I don't know the correct way to do this, but the attached hack seems to get the job done. The vertical spacing adjustment (-17pt), which brings the first item of the inner list onto the same line as the outer list label, was done by trial and error and may not line up perfectly. There likely is a better way to get the correct value, but it is (way) beyond my LaTeX skills.


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