On 11/14/20 3:38 AM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
I haven't found a more detailed description for spellchecking in the help files of LyX.

In the User Guide 6.14 Spell Checking
It says:
With Linux one needs to install the packages for the desired language. The number of these packages vary depending on the Linux distribution, but in most cases these are aspell-xx, hunspell-xx, myspell-xx, etc., where xx is the language code.

In my LyX Version
(Thursday, June 25, 2020)
Library directory: /usr/share/lyx/
User directory: ~/.lyx/
Qt Version (run-time): 5.14.2
Qt Version (compile-time): 5.14.2
(and I am using Debian Bullseye)

there is only enchant as the spellchecker engine listed.
It is in ./.config/enchant
but there is no hunspell, e.g.
It is mentioned to get it from
#### > Where do I place it (and other spellcheckers)
#### > And how do I get a personal spellchecker invoked?

Thanks for pointers

Have you installed either ispell, hunspell or aspell yet? Enchant can use any of them, I think. (I'm on Linux Mint, and I use enchant + aspell, for what it's worth.) You should be able to install whichever you choose, plus appropriate dictionaries, using the Debian package manager (apt? synaptic?). I don't think you need to install from source.


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