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| On 11/15/20 12:37 PM, didiergab...@free.fr wrote:

| | Hi,

| | For the first time I try to write a LYX module corresponding to a
| | custom enumerate style (with two levels).
| | I use the article Koma class with enumitem.sty package (I try…)

| | I encounter a problem :

| | * In the Lyx interface the 1rst level counter returns to the
| | initial
| | value on paragraph breaks. I am unable to mimic the correct
| | behavior
| | visible in the pdfLatex export produce by Lyx.

| I believe this has been solved for 2.4.0. In 2.3.x, yes, there's no
| way to mimic the LaTeX output.

| Riki

Thanks for reading me. 

I will patiently wait for the new version… 


Please disregard the first version of this email posted on November 14th. It 
was initially blocked due to attachments that are too large and I have not 
received a notification... In the meantime I have fixed one of the concerns and 
this first version should not have existed in the end. 
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