Lyx has quite big good capabilities for working only with keyboard. But using 
split windows force user to use mouse to switch windows. That ruins keyboard 
navigation. User have to click another window with mouse to switch. It would be 
much more comfortable to switch active windows by using a keyboard shortcut. 
Maybe there is one, but I didn't find.
It is particularly annoying that cursor moves to place that was clicked in 
second window, but often user need position that cursor had before click. 

There were such requests before but I didn't find ticket in trac:​

I created a ticket #12115

Happy sailing to version 2.4


P. S. I can't compile lyx master in Manjaro (Arch derivative) anymore because 
of autoconf versions:

Using autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.71 
This autoconf version is not supported by LyX. 
LyX only supports autoconf 2.65-2.69.
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