Well, it seems that the solution is indeed via \renewtheorem.  However, I had 
to dig deep 
into the installation of AMS theorem to find the proper names of the counters.
So far, I've found \thethm, \thelem, \thedefn, etc.
I did not find a full list of counters, so if someone could point me out where 
I can find such 
a list, I'd be grateful.

On terça-feira, 20 de julho de 2021 19:29:27 -03 Rudi Gaelzer wrote:
> Hi there.
> I'm using the module Theorems (AMS, Numbered by Type).
> I would like to change the counters of theorem-like environs, adding a fixed
> string in front of the number.  Something like
> Theorem TGA-1
> Definition TGA-2
> etc
> Can I do that the usual way that is done for the standard LaTeX counters?
> I mean, in ERT:
> \renewcommand{\theequation}{TGA-\arabic{equation}}
> I that case, I would need to know the names of the counters, but I can't
> find them.
> Or is there another way?
> Thanks.

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