Am 31.07.21 um 14:53 schrieb Wolfgang Engelmann:
I haven't found a reasonable info to set up two (or more) bibliographies under biblatex. I would like to divide the bibliography in one part for normal reference stuff, and one part for a few references which are recommended for further readings.
The lyx menu for multiple bibliographies allows it
per partition, chapter, section, subsection, and child document,
but I would like to have it in the one bibliography with different headings (colour?) or in two bibliographies following each other directly and corresponding heading(s).
Could somebody tell me where to find infos for it?

For example:

\printbibliography[nottype=book,title=Other references]

for two different libraries. It is alo possible to define keys in the
bib-data file to get diffent bibliographies, e.g. for one entry data:

  keywords = {second},
  author =....

\printbibliography[type=second,title=Other references]

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