For me, Ctrl-a and Ctrl-e move the cursor in an ERT frame to the first and
last characters of the frame, respectively. However, I'm not sure if this
is because I'm using Emacs keybindings or because I'm using a Mac, which
also uses those keybindings in text areas. Ctrl-o closes the frame and
places the cursor to its immediate left; that behavior is definitely due to
my choice of Emacs keybindings.

Chris Menzel

On Sun, Aug 8, 2021 at 1:01 PM David Pesetsky <> wrote:

> Is there any way to program a key so that if you are typing within an ERT
> frame, it takes the cursor to the last (or first) character in that frame?
> Also useful would be a way to exit the frame — landing at at the first
> non-ERT character to the left or right of the frame.
> -David
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