Am 24.08.21 um 11:45 schrieb Sophie Julie Scheller:

Hello everyone,

very basic question. I`m looking fpr bibliography style in German, that looks like the Citavi-Basic style added below. I alreadyy tried Din 1505 but it didnt fit. Is there an overview over the avaliable styles so I can look for the right one? Or do you know which one I should use for my thesis?

And another question: I can change the style in the settings at the beginning and I can change the style when adding the bibliography. But I didn´t get the difference. Can you explain that?

That looks like a simple authoryear style for biblatex.

You shouldn't use the old \bibliography format with bibtex. Use biblatex
with biber instead. Then it is much more easier to handle author names
mit special characters, e.g. Aksın, with a dotless i

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