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Maybe I formulated my problem too vaguely, so I'll try again, but this time in more detail: I have already established an extensive subject index in my KOMA book. In order to enforce the DUDEN order in it, I was advised to use the index processor texindy. I use that and it works well. There are numerous examples, exercises, and footnotes in my book that contain a number of key words. If the keyword "resonance frequency" is mentioned in a task, it has been shown in the subject index as follows:
Resonance frequency, 87
Now an index creator has advised me to add only one letter to the page number in the subject index instead of the keywords "example", "exercise"or "footnote" in such (numerous!) Cases. In relation to my above example, the entry in the subject register should look like this:
Resonance frequency, 87b
If the same keyword were mentioned in a footnote, the entry would read:
Resonance frequency, 87f

Write into the documents preamble


And in the text insert the special entries with the | operator: \index{frequency|myF} Then it will get the f in the index as suffix. Or \index{frequency|myB} for 1b


That would be much more elegant and I could save space in my already extensive subject index. The question now arises as to how I can achieve this in my LYX register. (I have already read the instructions for the text processor Makeindex to get an idea of ​​how I could implement this change in my subject index. Unfortunately, the instructions are a bit too cryptic for me, because it is not clear what tags and what variables are. Apart from that, I also use the texindy processor ... )
Please for your help!
Greetings Andreas

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