(Linux) Libertine/Biolinum/Libertine Mono are supported by LyX (as
normal fonts, ie unclick "Use non-TeX fonts...")

        Document -> Settings... -> Fonts

unsurprisingly, and the pulldown will show you whether they are
installed. If not

         tlmgr install libertine

will sort you out.

If one wants to use the non-TeX fonts, one must install them of course
as well, but since I try to avoid that I don't know what to install to
rectify the error. I personally don't like to put fonts into the
preamble unless I must.


in addition to the comments made elsewhere (try harder to solve it
yourself, create meaningful MWE (often this not only pinpoints the
cause, but allows a solution) and do not be adviceresistant :-)-O), it
is probably going to be helpful if the same topic remains in the same
thread, and has a reasonable Subject line (which I mentioned already in

I find that this community (of volunteers) has been very, very helpful
to all questions I ever had.


On 14/09/2021 08:42, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:

Am 13.09.21 um 20:29 schrieb Andreas Plihal:
Dear LYX community,
I've sent you some inquiries in the past two weeks, but haven't
received a response.

I beg you to answer my question(s) in a solution-oriented manner - as
most time in the past.  For example, I gratefully remember J├╝rgen's
(Spitzm├╝ller) quick and uncomplicated interventions!

However, if my last problems I have raised are unsolvable, please let
me know.  Then at least I know my way around.  But staying in the
dark is very "uncomfortable" ...  Or if I'm getting on your nerves
with my inquiries, please tell me who I could turn to instead.

Thanks very much!
Greetings Andreas


I tried your lyx example 2 and got these errors:
Linux libertine not found
missing \begin{document}

for the first error you might try to insert these:
which was recommended to me by Herbert Voss


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