I have hacked me a Stamp in LaTeX which works very well in the Koma
Letter (by way of putting it in LyX's preamble.

The stamp gets placed next to the signature block, slightly randomly
placed, then slightly randomly rotated and by way of some roation of the
frame achieving a realistic look (smudged corners).  I wrote an article
about this in the German TeX Usergroup's Die Technische Kommödie 2/2017.

I use the \ISOtoday ERT from Koma Script's scrdate package.

I do not remember whether I have asked this before, and I have looked,
but is there a way of using the date that Lyx uses in the blue Date:
field?  So that if I put a fixed date in the letter, the same should
appear in the stamp (i.e. I do not want to have today's stamp on
yesterday's letter :-)-O

greetings, el

PS: In case someone is interested, here is what I use in my Practice,
copy and paste into the preamble:

% You can do whatever you want with this, other than bothering us but
% if you make money from it, you must send us some.
% Copyright, -wrong -left, and -center 2017, 2021 SPF Lisse Private
% Family Foundation best...@spflisseff.nl
%% LUA: Winkel des Gesamtstempels -- willk\"{u}rlich
%% zwischen -5 und +5 Grad -- bei jedem Dokument anders


%% XCOLOR: Farbdefinitionen
\definecolor{stampink}{RGB}{122 150 165}

%% LATEX: Individuelle Definitionen f\"{u}r den Stempel
%% (Formatierung Gr\"{o}{\ss}e und Schriftstil)
\newcommand\myStampName{Dr Eberhard W Lisse}
\newcommand\myStampProf{Obstetrician \& Gynecologist}
\newcommand\myStampPO{PO Box 8421 Bachbrecht}

   \setsansfont{Linux Biolinum O}
   \setsansfont{IBM Plex Sans}

%% TIKZ: Laden notwendiger Styles

%% Erstellen eines Befehls f\"{u}r den Stempel in einer
%% Gr\"{o}{\ss}e von 6 cm x 3 cm skaliert
            %% TIKZ: Setzen der linken unteren und rechten oberen Ecke
            %% des Rechtecks
            \coordinate (dm1) at (0,0);
            \coordinate (dm2) at (2.6,1.4);
            %% TIKZ: Schleife f\"{u}r drei Winkel
            \foreach \r in {-0.9,0,0.9}{%
                %% TIKZ: Rahmmen des Stempels: Rechteck, Farbe=stampink,
                %% Transparenz=0.4,Linienst\"{a}rke des Rahmens=1pt und einen
                %% Knoten namens (bx4)  definieren
                \node[rectangle,draw,stampink,opacity=.4,line width=1.2pt,
                    rotate=\r, rounded corners=1pt][fit=(dm1)(dm2)](bx4){};
                %% TIKZ: Stempeltext: Farbe=stampink, gedreht um den Winkel \r
                %% mit Transparenz=0.4 in Knoten (bx4) gesetzt
                \node[stampink,rotate=\r,opacity=.4] at 

%% SCRLTTR2 & XPATCH: Erstellen einer neuen Variablen f\"{u}r den Brief
%% zur Positionierung des Stempels rechts von \closing

%% SCRLTTR2: Einf\"{u}gen des Stempels mit der jeweiligen willk\"{u}rlichen
%% Gesamtdrehung \rot
% Thanks to Peter Flynn, Markus Kohm and Juergen Gilg

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