To go into even more detail:

Look on CTAN for letterhead templates, of which they are galore.

Then refine to those that do this in KomaScript and find one that is as
close to your ideas as possible.

This (probably a letter class options file *.LCO, the name of which you
then add to LyX's Settings -> Document Class -> Custom:) you will have
to then adapt or find someone to do it for you.

That is indeed an effort, but it only needs to be done once, and the
results can be awesome :-)-O


On 01/10/2021 03:38, Steve Litt wrote:
Osman Kemal Kadiroğlu said on Thu, 30 Sep 2021 08:21:46 +0000


I am a bit inexperienced LyX user. I have a letter format with a
header and a graphical signature created with LibreOffice. How can I
convert it to a LyX letter template?

Best regards

Osman Kemal Kadiroğlu

If you're asking as a one-off, one time thing, just copy and paste
everything into LyX's letter writing facility. Treat the graphic as you
would treat any other graphic within LyX.

If you're asking because you want to keep using LibreOffice and
converting to LyX, the answer is don't. LibreOffice is a bug ridden
program that tries to be all things to all people and fails miserably.
You need a 170 IQ and a doctorate to be able to deal with the quirky,
often disappearing or changing styles in LibreOffice.

If a letter is short enough, informal enough, and not of vital value,
and you want to author it in LibreOffice, just print it from
LibreOffice. LibreOffice is a great quick and dirty for anything below
1000 words. If there's any chance a document will grow beyond 1000
words, use LyX or some other genuine authoring environment right from
the start.


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