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> Several times, on long wordprocessing documents, I personally have had
> LibreOffice writer styles spontaneously change. At one point my
> personal problem with LibreOffice style prevented me from converting a
> 300 page doc made in MS Word to LibreOffice. The import went just fine,
> but the styles kept changing, and keeping them all intact was like
> playing whack-a-mole.

> I had an even worse personal failure involving changing styles in
> LibreOffice's Impress, which contained the 90+ slide presentation I
> license to companies for their internal Universal Troubleshooting
> Process course, that now I need to rewrite the entire thing in Beamer.

At the risk of joining in a flame war, I feel a need to share my experiences 
with LyX and LibreOffice. As I am on both LyX’s and LibreOffice’s user lists, I 
am posting this message to both lists.

I have used both LyX and LibreOffice for decades, the former going back to 
version 1.4 and the latter going back to its origins as StarOffice and later as 
OpenOffice.org. Over the years I have found myself having a love/hate 
relationship with both. I have had to learn that each has its own way of 
working, and when I try to make either work like the other, I run into problems.

My current work is primarily with slide presentations, and I bounce back and 
forth between LyX/Beamer and LO Impress (as well as RMarkdown/Slidy/Ioslides). 
I have found that with LyX, I can very happily change formatting after 
composing my content and, so long as I am satisfied with Beamer’s slide designs 
and themes, it works very well. But, I usually find myself getting very 
frustrated when I want to change some design detail. It often requires a Google 
search to learn the right LaTeX command to achieve the change I want. After 
spending hours trying to achieve a certain result and editing preamble and/or 
LaTeX code, I often find I just give up and move it all to LO Impress just to 
get the job done.

On the flip side, I have had to learn that LO Impress doesn’t like having slide 
formats changed *after* the presentation substance has been composed. While my 
styles haven’t suddenly changed on me, I have learned that changes made to 
Impress master slides do not always get to all slides in a presentation. 
Through painful experience, I have learned that, if I ever make any direct 
changes to a particular slide’s format, it seems to disassociate that slide 
from the master slide. So, after hours of composing and wrestling with 
Impress’s master slides trying to get it all to behave, I find I often just 
give up and move it all to LyX/Beamer just to get the job done.

And in those cases where my slide design needs are particularly simple, I run 
to Rstudio and Slidy to create a quick and dirty (and well behaved) slide 

And, so I bounce back and forth between the programs using the one that will 
let me get the job done efficiently. I find they all require considerable 
commitment of time and effort to achieve the desired results. Each has some 
feature I find maddening and each has some feature I find indispensable. In 
short, despite my obsessive search for the perfect document processing system, 
I have learned it doesn’t exist. I will continue to use whatever tool best 
meets the need at hand. Sometimes it’s LyX, sometimes it’s LibreOffice and 
sometimes it’s

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