On 10/6/2021 11:14 PM, Steve Litt wrote:
After importing my 300 page book from MS Word to LibreOffice, I
looked extensively in the menu system, in the help docs, and on the
Internet to resolve my magically changing styles problem, all to no

LibreOffice is just fine if you don't use styles, but who would not use
styles when working with a large document?

I can't deny your experience, I think you may be unfairly blaming LibreOffice's and its styles.

I don't think the problem was with LibreOffice or with the size of your book. I think your problem lay in trying to import a styled 300 page book from Word to LibreOffice. Something always gets lost in translating documents between two programs. I have this happen to me even with unformatted text in different plain text editors if they are using different encoding.

Before my retirement, I was a practicing lawyer, and I often had to share documents with people who created or edited them on different systems, whether Word, WordPerfect or something else. If I was responsible to produce the final output, I learned to strip all formatting from the document and apply my own styles from scratch. I never had a problem with that method. Yes, it was time consuming, but it always worked, no matter how large the document. In reality, a MS Word paragraph style works differently from a LO Writer style. I learned that, to be truly compatible, I had to not only use the same program as my colleague, but also the same version. This is even true with different versions of LyX. Every new release seems to change the source file format just enough that earlier versions of LyX have trouble reading documents created with later versions.

LibreOffice's styles work just fine, even with large documents. I have a 108 slide Impress presentation that works perfectly. But, I created and edited that file on LibreOffice; I wouldn't dream of trying to import an MS PowerPoint file into Impress without having problems, just as I would never dream of importing an Impress file into PowerPoint without problems.


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