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What is the best way of getting the aux file

a) for a bibtex situation
b) for a biblatex/biber/luatex situation?

I have a large bib file, of which only few references are used

When you compile the document in LyX, the .aux file will be written in the temporary directory. On a Linux system, this will typically be /tmp/lyx_tmpdir.<random stuff>/lyx_tmpbuf0 (if this is the first open document in LyX; if not, change 0 to 1, 2 or whatever). While the document remains open in LyX, you can use your system's file browser to find and copy it.


Thanks, Paul, for your quick answer.
I am using Debian, but can't find /tmp in my home.

It is not in your home, it's directly under the system root (parallel to /usr, /opt etc.). I use Mint, which is a derivative of Ubuntu, but I'm pretty sure Ubuntu and Debian have the same basic directory structure. If for some reason that is not where the LyX temp directory lives, you can always check Tools > Preferences... > Paths > Temporary directory: to find out where the LyX temporary files are hiding.


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