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On Wednesday, 2 February 2022 08.48.18 WET Wolfgang Engelmann via lyx-users
I use lyx 2.4.0dev (Debian)
starting lyx from a terminal, selecting a certain document and trying to
view it by export pdflua
leads to this in the terminal

wolfgang@Fuji:~/Dokumente/PUBLIKATIONEN-EIGENE/A-SP-2022$ lyx
qt.qpa.xcb: QXcbConnection: XCB error: 5 (BadAtom), sequence: 597,
resource id: 0, major code: 20 (GetProperty), minor code: 0
Warning: Failed to produce 1 preview snippet(s)
/usr/include/c++/10/bits/stl_stack.h:274: void std::stack<_Tp,
_Sequence>::pop() [with _Tp = int; _Sequence = std::__debug::deque<int,
std::allocator<int> >]: Assertion '__builtin_expect(!this->empty(),
true)' failed.
I had reported before under
   lyx 2.4.0dev crashes
and wonder whether it is the same issue.

Yes probably.

What should I do?

From the build directory (tip: you can run LyX from there without installing):
1/ make sure that you have pulled the latest changes from git and built them
2/ run "gdb src/lyx"
3/ when you see the "(gdb)" prompt, type the following commands
catch throw
[do the crashing thing]
4/ send the output of the bt command

f you have issues with thunderbird, try to close it before debugging.

p.s. if I compile lyx again, should I use
./configure --enable-debug
since I am not familiar with gdb?

Usually this type of discussion are more appropriate in lyx-devel mailing

Indeed. But encouraging users to use latest version is good.

But I am not sure that this particular instance is encouraging :)

With that said if you use --enable-debug use also --enable-stdlib-debug that
it will help as well.

These are on by default with development builds.


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