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>> On 18 Feb 2022, at 1:46 , Tom Goldring via lyx-users 
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>>> I have version on my MacBook Pro. I consider it a poor substitute 
>>> for the Windows version. I can't turn off the blinking cursor (extremely 
>>> annoying!), I can't change the background color (white background gives me 
>>> a headache), hotkeys don't work, etc. Is there an alternative binary that I 
>>> could download?
>> Not sure what the problems are there but, for the record, I use the LyX 
>> binaries from lyx.org on both my MacBook Pro (M1 chip) and a Windows 
>> laptop and the functionality is pretty much identical. It does appear that 
>> you are stuck with a blinking cursor (since that’s an OS level thing), but I 
>> have no problem changing the background color (did you uncheck “Use system 
>> colors”?), and cursor movement keys and other shortcuts work identically in 
>> both versions. (Maybe you mean something more by “hotkeys”?)
> Hints:
> * hotkeys are somewhat different since one uses the Command key instead of 
> Ctrl at least

Ah, well, I wasn’t aware of that distinction but, as a decades-long emacs user, 
I’ve re-mapped everything in such a way that I only ever use the Ctrl key — by 
which, of course, I mean my remapped CapsLock key, as that is where God 
intended Ctrl to be! :-)

> * cursor movement is slightly different to match what is expected on a mac, 
> but this is controllable through "Preferences>Editing>Use mac-style cursor 
> movement".

Right, but alas no non-blinking cursor option.


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