I don't know how to adjust the cursor blink rate in Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Safari, etc. (if anyone does, please tell me!) but since I'm not spending a lot of time typing text into a window when I use a web browser, it isn't that much of an issue. When composing email, I usually type my text into an emacs buffer (which does allow me to turn off the blink) and then paste it into the mail client. In Windows you can turn off the blink via Control Panel -> Keyboard Properties.

On 2/18/22 8:38 PM, Stephan Witt wrote:
Am 18.02.2022 um 20:46 schrieb Tom Goldring via lyx-users 
I have version on my MacBook Pro. I consider it a poor substitute for 
the Windows version. I can't turn off the blinking cursor (extremely 
annoying!), I can't change the background color (white background gives me a 
headache), hotkeys don't work, etc. Is there an alternative binary that I could 
Regarding the blinking cursor… it is quite common to have a blinking cursor. I 
agree it might be desirable to adjust the frequency or turn it off - but at a 
system wide level. I don’t know of a setting to read this parameter from. How 
do you adjust the cursor in Apple Mail or Safari? How do you adjust it with the 
Windows version?


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