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> Please consider the two lyx files attached.
> It is a MWE of a book that includes mainly Hebrew but also some
> English.
> The wrong thing here is that the last line is converted in LyX (via
> the Code Preview Pane) as
>     \begin{english}
>     Some text in English. This should be left aligned.
>     \end{english}
> but when exporting `main.lyx` to tex (via XeTeX), this English
> sentence is formatted as
>     \textenglish[variant=american]{Some text in English. This should
> be left aligned.}
> which causes the line to be right aligned.
> Why is it? 

This is a bug in LyX. I have just fixed it.

> How to keep the English line of text to be inside an English
> environment?

Workaround is to write \setLTR in TeX mode at the beginning of the
English paragraph, having the TeX mode inset itself in Hebrew. See


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