I have created a module that creates a custom inset for marginal paragraphs. 
This inset is typed inside the Marginal Note inset.
When I type Hebrew text inside this inset, digits are converted to small font 

instead of 1‚Äč, it is formatted as `{\small{}1}`. Why is it?

This is the module:

#Adds custom inset to be inserted inside Marginal Note.

Format 66

InsetLayout Flex:MarginalRemark
    Requires amssymb
    LyXType        custom
    LabelString    "MarginalRemark"
    LatexType      Command
    LatexName      parbox{\dimexpr\marginparwidth-2\fboxsep}
    Decoration     classic
    NeedProtect    0
    LeftDelim      "$\vartriangleleft$ "

And a MWE file is attached.

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