This is the current situation for my debian lyx newly installed:
I have installed lyx 2.4.0-dev anew in the following way:
0- sudo chmod 01777 /usr/local
1- git clone git://
2- lyx_git_2021-12-07.tar.gz results
3- unpacked: Lyx_git_20211207
4- in .git branches git status
5- git pull
6- .configure --with version-suffix=24x --bindir=/usr/local/bin
(the new lyx name will be lyx24x; its bindir will be /usr/local/bin)
7- make all
8- make install

It works if I start with lyx24x on a terminal

!!!!!However, I have still no File-Edit-View....HelpMenu !!!!!

Do I have to wait for the 2.4.0 release or is something wrong with my setup?

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