I want to insert figures in the page margins in my book.

In order to have two figures one above the other, with each one having its own 
caption and label, I want to create inside lyx the following latex code:

\usepackge{sidenotes,subcaption} % (<- in the preamble)

  \subcaptionbox{caption for upper figure \label{upperfig}}

  \subcaptionbox{caption for lower figure \label{lowerfig}}

  \caption{Big Caption for two figures}

I copied to my layout the Float Style from tufte-book.layout. It defines a 
marginfigure environment.

I am now struggling a bit with the \subcaptionbox command:

1. I can define a new Caption which is based on "InsetLayout Caption:Standard" 
found in the stdinsets.inc file. But I can't see it in the Insert menu, not 
even inside Custom Insets.

2. Let's say I overcome this issue, is it possible to make it "sensible" only 
inside the marginfigure environment?

3. If I don't want captions for the subfigures, then I don't need the 
\subcaption command. And then the include graphics doesn't have to be wrapped 
with {}. But if I change my mind and want a caption, then I do need the {} 
around the figure. Any idea how to handle it nicely?

Thanks very much!
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