On 2022-08-17 17:36, Rich Shepard wrote:
In KOMA-Script report class documents adding to the preamble
\automark*{section} works to number figure floats as integers.

However, in a KOMA-Script article class document it doesn't (see attached
mwe.*) and I'd like to learn why and what does work.



Hi Rich,

I am not sure what you mean. Please:

1. Post a .lyx file that is more minimal (e.g. does not contain unnecessary external material). Try to strip off everything that is unnecessary, including preamble material.

2. The file should contain what does *not* work (e.g. you seem to suggest that the problem is in a KOMA-Script article but your attached lyx file is a KOMA-Script report).

3. State clearly what is the actual and expected result.

Your possible helpers could probably figure these out by themselves. But this takes their time and might might lead to misunderstandings which in turn take even your time.



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