> > 1. Post a .lyx file that is more minimal (e.g. does not contain
> > unnecessary external material). Try to strip off everything that is
> > unnecessary, including preamble material.
> > 2. The file should contain what does *not* work (e.g. you seem to suggest
> > that the problem is in a KOMA-Script article but your attached lyx file
> is
> > a KOMA-Script report).
> > 3. State clearly what is the actual and expected result.
> Daniel,
> I did all this in my original post.
> 1. I removed the extraneous preamble material.
> 2. The figure on page 2 is labled 0.1 rather than 1. Yes, this document's
> class is report, not article. I thought I had changed the class, but did
> not
> do so. What does *not* work is \automark*{section} in this document when it
> did in previous ones..
> 3. The actual result is the figure labeled 0.1 and the expected result is
> the figure labeled 1.
> Regards,
> Rich
> --
Hi Rich,

I don't have much  experience with KOMA-Script document classes, but from
what I've been reading in the documentation, automark does not have
anything to do with figure numbering, the command changes the page marks
above the headrule.

The reason the figure is numbered differently in the report class is that
in this class the chapter command is defined,  and as a convention when it
is  defined, usually figures are numbered within the chapter counter. On
the contrary, in report class, chapters are not defined.

To remove the figure counter from the reset list of chapter, you can simply
write in the preamble \counterwithout{figure}{chapter}, it will also change
the format of \thefigure to be \@arabic{\c@figure} which is what I believe
you want.

Note that this will only change the counter in the output file, and not in
the lyx file. To change the counter in the lyx file you can write in the
local layout

        Type                  figure
        NumberWithin          none

I attached a file with the changes specified above, i also suggest that you
see the preamble in my file and notice that none of what was written was
related to the problem, but only customized the page marks above the

As a final remark, it is preferable that a MWE will be with no external
files, unless necessary. In this case, a figure can be created with no
external graphics within it, and because the inclusion of an external file
is path dependent, I could not compile your file without removing the
graphics from lyx, or downloading your pdf and changing the path in lyx. If
you will write a suitable MWE it will help people to help you.


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