Dear LyX users
For a monograph, I have a long list of shorthands and wish to remove these
references from the main bibliography.

I have seen the following link, but it generates errors if I paste the
beginning of the code in the preamble, and the rest in ERT at the end of
the doc (including, but not limited to "! LaTeX Error: Missing

Is there a simple way to remove the references with shorthands from the
main biblio in LyX?
If so, what would be your advice ?
I’m on OS X BigSur, LyX, Texlive 2022. The class is Memoir, I'm
using variants of verbose for Biblatex.
The whole doc compiles very well with just the \printshorthands in ERT
before the Biblatex box, but I wished to remove the duplicates.

With many thanks!
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