On 8/25/22 05:02, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
I got this warning
Missing character: There is no ˜ (U+0098) in font [LibertinusSerif-Italic.otf]:

and tried to localize it by exporting the lyx file (Debian, lyx-2.4.dev)

Version 2.4.0dev (noch nicht veröffentlicht)
Erstellt aus Git-Revision 53ed3dc0
Qt-Version (Laufzeit): 5.15.2 (Plattform: xcb)
Qt-Version (bei Erstellung): 5.15.2
Python-Aufruf: python3 -tt

to latex (LuaTeX), opened it with the text editor bless, used there 'search for ' 0098 as decimal.
However, 'The pattern you requested was not found'

Any idea what to do?

It might display as a single character (possibly ~) in your text editor. One possibility is a bisection search. Make a copy of the LyX file, delete half and try to compile. If you get the error, it's in the half you kept; if not, it's in the half you deleted. Iterate until you have narrowed the target down to the point where you can spot the offending character.


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