I am trying to define a margin figure in my document.

The tufte book document class makes use of this environment.

In the file tufte-book.layout the following is defined:

Counter marginfigure


Type marginfigure

GuiName MarginFigure

Placement tbp

AllowedPlacement none

AllowsSideways 0

AllowsWide 0

Extension lof

NumberWithin none

Style plain

ListName "List of Figures"

ListCommand listoffigures

IsPredefined true

UsesFloatPkg false


But margin figure and figure have two separate numberings. Figure is counted 
within chapters (2.3 for the 3rd figure in chapter 2) but margin figure has its 
own counter (margin figure 1, margin figure 2, margin figure 3 without any 
relation to chapters or the other figures).

Am I missing something? Does it work the same in your installation?

My goal is to have the two floats share the same counter (figure 2.3, margin 
figure 2.4, figure 2.5 etc.). Can I do it?
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