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Slightly OT:
Is somebody using xfig in LyX? I can't find in the Text Flags the special flag, only


Do I miss something besides the xfig program (version 3.2.8)?

Would like to come back to this question.
Apparently the version of Xfig is now using Tex flag TEX in the Tex flags instead of special flag.
I selected and set it.

I have included a lyx file with an xfig included.

I had exported from the fig file the three files also included.

I expected after running lyx to get a pdf output with the Delta and Psi in Greek. However, there are still $\Delta$ and $\Psi$

my lyx under Debian Bullseye is
Version 2.4.0dev (not released yet)
Built from git commit hash 53ed3dc0
Qt Version (run-time): 5.15.2 on platform xcb
Qt Version (compile-time): 5.15.2
Python detected: python3 -tt

and I use the luatex setting
in the preamble

and xfig 3.2.8

Could somebody tell me why I won't get the expected pdf output

Would appreciate it very much!


I understand, that
no special flag choosable
in Xfig is now replaced by TeX-Flag > TeX

But still no correct pdf output of the Delta and Psi

A further problem:

I can't work on the figure as described in the Customization Help File at the end of the 6.1 (How does it work in 6. Including external Material). There it says:

In the case of an Xfig figure, you are able to invoke Xfig on the original file with a single click from within the external material dialog in LyX, and also preview the produced PostScript file with Ghostview with another click. No more fiddling around with the command line and/or file browsers to locate and manipulate the original or produced files. In this way, you are finally able to take full advantage of the many different applications that are relevant to use when you write your documents, and ultimately be more productive.

I forgot to set in Document settings> Format > Allow running external programs, which I did now and enclose therefore again the lyx file.

If some body is able to work on the fig file in lyx (which should be possible according to the Customization Help File) and get the pdf output showing the TeX insets (Delta, Psi) correctly, I would be glad to hear how to achieve this.

Note that I use the luatex setting with
> \usepackage{libertinus-otf}
in the preamble


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