Am 31.08.22 um 15:20 schrieb Dr Eberhard Lisse:
compile the file with lualatex and not the line the error is reported on.


On 25/08/2022 17:17, Paul A. Rubin wrote:
On 8/25/22 05:02, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
I got this warning
Missing character: There is no ˜ (U+0098) in font

and tried to localize it by exporting the lyx file (Debian,

Version 2.4.0dev (noch nicht veröffentlicht)
Erstellt aus Git-Revision 53ed3dc0
Qt-Version (Laufzeit): 5.15.2 (Plattform: xcb)
Qt-Version (bei Erstellung): 5.15.2
Python-Aufruf: python3 -tt

to latex (LuaTeX), opened it with the text editor bless, used there
'search for ' 0098 as decimal.
However, 'The pattern you requested was not found'

Any idea what to do?

It might display as a single character (possibly ~) in your text editor.
One possibility is a bisection search. Make a copy of the LyX file,
delete half and try to compile. If you get the error, it's in the half
you kept; if not, it's in the half you deleted. Iterate until you have
narrowed the target down to the point where you can spot the offending


Thanks, El,

neither checking the lyx file nor the luatex exported file with bless and decimal character found the 0098

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