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On 10/4/21 16:07, Mario D wrote:
Ctrl+Shift+V works just fine for me, thanks!
My fault, and I beg your pardon for this, for not having tried the
relative option in "Edit -> Paste Special" : I just tried the "Paste
from LaTeX", which doesn't work in my case (I am pasting tikz
figures, so @rich: I was referring to the second option).  Thank you
everybody.  :)
Actually, I am wondering whether preserving newlines should be the
default.  I don't think one can expect that the default paste command
changes the format that way.  Instead the "special" option should be
paste with removing newlines, I think.
I want to second this proposal!

I do not know how much work it would be to create a new setting, which
would allow users to use whatever method they prefer.  If I have to
chose between the two options, Daniel's proposal is my preference.


Me three :-)-O
I also get confused by this and I think new LyX users are especially confused.
I also vote for considering a change of the default behavior.
Dear all,

this is one of my last items on the TODO list for the 2.4 release.

Bunch of people expressed their opinion that our default for paste operation
should preserve newlines. I do not have strong opinion but agree that in my
experience I have to go to Paste Special sub menu quite often to preserve
the newlines.

Before looking what would need change, is there reasonable unanimous agreement
that this should be the default or are there folks who prefer current behaviour
which joins the lines by default?

I agree that the default should be to preserve newlines.


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