On 2023-07-30 21:08, Bruno Schneider wrote:
Hello, I'm having trouble using a LaTeX cls document class on LyX. I'm
using LyX 2.3.7 and TeX Live 2022.20230122 on Debian.

I've copied the cls file (classname.cls) into
~/texmf/tex/latex/classname and ran texhash.

Now, I can compile the example .tex file on some other directory using
pdflatex. Output is generated as intended.

Then, I have asked LyX to reconfigure and restarted it.

Still, when I go to "Document -> Settings -> Document Class" the class
is not there.

Please help.

There is no automatic translation from LaTeX .cls files to LyX .layout document classes definition files. But it is understandable that you thought this is how it works since this is not transparent from the Document Class user interface. Maybe that could be improved by showing the .layout file names somewhere...

Anyway, in order to make use of a .cls file in LyX, you would need to create a custom .layout file in your local "layouts" folder. You could start with a copy of a .layout file corresponding to a class that is similar to the one you are using, e.g. article.layout if it is an article style class.

There are more explanations in the Customization Help file. It is a bit of a hard read though. But I am sure people on the list are happy to support you a bit.


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