On 8/1/23 02:52, Faseeh Muhammad wrote:

I am creating examples for a lesson where i have to include figures (and some time subfigures) with labels and captions along with the text.

What i am trying to do is to use fancy color box module to mimic the tcolorbox environment in latex and then trying to put a figure (In Lyx Insert>Float>Figure) and then label and caption it. But result is in error that reads "Nor in outer par mode". So is there any way i can put figures (and subfigures, if possible) in these boxes.

I am no expert on this, but I will guess that you can't do it this way. The color box is stuck to a certain position on the page, and a float is not, so the combination does not make sense. What you'd need to do is insert the float and then apply the color to the caption, say. And probably INSIDE the caption, not the whole caption.


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