Am Dienstag, dem 19.09.2023 um 15:43 +0200 schrieb Dan:
> I have come across the very same problem again with listing buttons
> (when editing externally). The solution is the very same as well.
>    1. Insert > Program listing
>    2. Type something in.
>    3. Open context menu (right clic) and choose "Edit externally".
>    4. A button for the program listing inset shows whose text is
> barely readable. See attached image.
> I have tried mimicking your solution to the previous problem:
> switching the label's text colour from "foreground" to "black". See
> the text attachment (diff of changes to lib/layouts/

Yes, perfect. I've done the change. I also verified that there is no
more missed case in stdinsets (there's another foreground case in
IPADeco, but this one's correct).


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