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Is there a way to delete an outline entry? A right-click on the entry does
not offer that option and the delete key removes characters in the
chapter/section title, not the chapter/section itself.

I do not see any way of accomplishing this via the GUI, but it can be done by 
means of the command interpreter with a pair of commands.

Say you want to delete section 2.2 of your document
    1. Place the cursor at the title of section 2.2.
    2. Issue in the command interpreter "section-select". This will select the 
whole section 2.2.
    3. To delete the entire section, then enter this command: 
"char-delete-forward". This will erase the whole section.

These steps work for any kind of sectioning (division of the text 
hierarchycally): parts, chapters, paragraphs, etc. You could even customize 
your UI file to bind these pair of commands to a button in the toolbars.

I was about to suggest to add a "Delete Section" menu entry to the TOC context 
menu. But that doesn't work for some reason and I am not sure why.

In any case, such a (working) menu entry should probably be available.


Maybe there is some kind of cursor update missing after the "section-select" 

command-sequence section-select;char-delete-forward

apparently works fine when the cursor is already in the heading but not when 
executed merely from the context-menu.


Apparently the command "char-delete-forward" (and its twin "char-delete-backward") is 
"forbidden" in that location. Thus, adding the item
      "Delete Section|e" "command-sequence section-select; char-delete-forward"
to stdcontext.inc does not work, by design.

Try it by yourself with the debugging category "action" enabled in the messages 
pane (View > Messages Pane). Otherwise, see the debug messages attached.

It may be possible, but I do not know how.

Enviat amb Tutanota.

What works is to add a context-menu entry to the "context-edit" menu.

I don't know whether it is really by design that it does not work from the outline. A command being disabled is often dependent on a rather coarse condition. It might still be just an oversight.

In any case, it seems non-ideal that the command cannot be executed from the outline.


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