On Tue, 5 Dec 2023, Herbert Voss wrote:

you have the font setting for pdflatex. You should enable the button "no
TeX fonts" on top of document->setting->fonts. Otherwise you'll get the
latin9 encoding with luainputenc, which is rubbish ...

For the fonts use a serif font, eg Libertinus Serif, SF Libertinus Sans
and monofont Anonmyous Pro with a 90% scaling

With this modifications it runs successfully for me.


I don't understand. Attached is the font settings I've used for years,
including all recent docs in KOMA-Script Book and Report classes with
bibliographies, TeXLive2023, and LyX-

When I invoke "no TeX fonts" I cannot set the body type using Palatino, my
default since 1997.


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