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However, I am not sure if this setting is correct and can work as
expected. Because I don't have much experience in this regard.

I can't be of much help here. Just FYI we are in the middle of slow
transition to a new git server, so you update process might need
some tinkering in near future (we'll announce here and on
announce maillist).

Based on what I've seen so far, my repo doesn't automatically update
to the latest official repo commit, so maybe it's because of what
you've described above, or maybe there's something wrong with my
workflow script.

I noticed that my workflow was running into the error shown in the
attached screenshot


While i cannot provide insight into the error cause, did you consider using git's --mirror push mode for your mirror repo? This option most importantly automatically does a force-update or force-delete of refs if they were changed or deleted. Also, it automatically pushes all locally present branches.

Also it may be useful to check this GitHub docs site about this matter: <>

Regards, Markus
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