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> On 1/22/24 16:27, Michael Dean Pugh wrote:
> > I've been using LyX for a number of years.  Because I was reusing a 
> > lot of math macros, I started putting them in a separate file and 
> > loading that file at the beginning of each document with an input 
> > statement.  Over time, the list has grown and I wanted to search for a 
> > macro to see how I had defined it (probably because I had since found 
> > a better way).  But no configuration in Advanced Search that I have 
> > tried will allow me to search math macros.  Am I missing something or 
> > is this a feature that might be added in the future?  
> OK, this is a bit weird: If you USE the macro, then the definition will 
> be found. So use it temporarily.
> I think I understand why this happens, but it is a bit of a long story, 
> and not a terribly interesting one. I'm not sure it is even possible to 
> fix this.
> Riki

I think the reason is that the macro definitions are not part of any latex 
Since ADV-Find is using (mostly) unchanged output created for latex, the defs 
are neither
in the search buffer, nor in searched buffer.
Sure, it can be fixed, but needs more work.


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