Some time ago there was a discussion on the list about refstyle in
combination with amsmath, leading to error messages from refstyle. It
appears refstyle is now loaded after amsmath, but this now leads to messages
like "LaTeX Warning: Reference `ab' on page 1 undefined on input line 39"
from the enclosed LyX file 'testref.lyx'. It seems that this is related to
the LaTeX line "\AtBeginDocument{\providecommand\eqref[1]{\ref{eq:#1}}}",
which is added by LyX in 'testref.tex'. This line does not have any effect,
so that e.g. \eqref{ab}  is interpreted as \ref{ab}  instead of \ref{eq:ab}.
Replacing this line with
#1}}}}} (as in amsmath), the LaTeX file 'testref_robust.tex' compiles
without problems.




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