Mike Meredith wrote:

> > Probably a broken compiler. You need to send to the list the contents
> > of your config.log file.
> Or possibly not. An awful lot of autoconfigured stuff breaks under Irix
> because it tries to add /usr/lib to the search path for libraries. For
> better or worse, IRIX has 3 incompatible binary API formats (or
> something) --- o32 ones live in /usr/lib, n32 ones live in /usr/lib32,
> and n64 ones live in /usr/lib64. The default for IRIX 6.5 and later is
> n32.

My last try gives:

setenv LDFLAGS -L/usr/lib32 -n32
setenv CXXFLAGS -n32
setenv CFLAGS -n32
setenv x_libraries /usr/lib32

and configure tells me :

checking if C++ compiler uses std namespace ... yes
configure: warning:
WARNING: This compiler platform does not have the iostream library
in the std namespace.  This presents a problem for writing portable
STL code.  To run the demos, you will need to place a file with the
following in a file called iostream in your include directory.

#include <iostream.h>
namespace std { void iostream_kludge(); };


  Source code location:       .
  C++ Compiler:                   CC
  C++ Compiler flags:             -n32
  C   Compiler:                   cc
  C   Compiler flags:             -n32
  LyX binary dir:             /usr/freeware/bin
  LyX files dir:              /usr/freeware/share/lyx
  Special flags:               frontend-xforms included-libsigc

**** The following problems have been detected by configure.
**** Please check the messages below before running 'make'.
**** (see the section 'Problems' in the INSTALL file)

** Cannot find libXpm. Please check that the Xpm library
   is correctly installed on your system.

** Cannot find libforms or libxforms. Please check that the xforms library

   is correctly installed on your system.

I guess Mike is right, I should try GCC on irix to compile lyx.
I don't think Irix's MipsPro C++ is broken. It works fine and efficiently
for a large number of projects.
I'd say that  lyx's configure  can be improved on IRIX.
and maybe I should use another STL on IRIX... Stl hell...

Best regards from Paris, France.

If someone can contribute a "howto compile lyx on IRIX", or better,
provide up-to-date executable...
Thanks in advance

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