Well despite saying I'd have a look at compiling lyx with MIPSpro C++, 
I tried with gcc first --- if I'm going to compile lyx I'd like to end 
up with something that works at the end of it. I'll try again with 
MIPSpro C++ tonight.

This message should probably go to the development list as well, but 
due to rather bizarre mail config problems here (all my fault) I can't 
do that. It might be worth adding a special README for IRIX (fighting 
configure is spectacularly irritating and many people would give up).

Lyx version: last night's 1.2cvs
IRIX: 6.5.8
GCC: 2.95.3

1        As root :-
         cd /usr/lib
         mv libXpm.so libXpm.so.dis
         mv libXpm.a libXpm.a.dis
         cd /usr/lib32
         mv libXpm.so libXpm.so.dis
         mv libXpm.a libXpm.a.dis
         cd /usr/include/X11
         mv xpm.h xpm.h.dis

         This assumes that you have a modern version of Xpm somewhere
         built with '-n32'.

2        Configure with the following :-

         LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib32 -L/usr/freeware/lib32 -L/opt/lib" \
                 ./configure --prefix=/opt

         The exact -L options to add to LDFLAGS will vary from system to
         system. If you're using csh this might not work --- do yourself
         a favour and use a decent shell (zsh).

         There's a hint in the generated configure file that there's
         support for coping with IRIX's multiple ABI's, but this 
         doesn't seem to work (at least for me).

3        Go into the po subdirectory and edit the Makefile. For every
         instance of the find command, replace with an absolute path to
         the GNU version of find (/usr/freeware/bin/find).

         [The -path option to find is GNU-specific]

4        Edit boost/boost/detail/limits.hpp and change line 38 to read 

         #if defined(__sparc) || defined(__sparc__) || 
defined(__powerpc__) || defined(__hppa) || defined(__mips)

         (i.e. add 'defined(__mips)' to the end of the line)

         No idea whether this really works or not, but Lyx now compiles
         and runs.

3        Unwind step 1 (or things might break).
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