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| On Fri, Apr 26, 2002 at 06:59:13AM -0500, bcr wrote:
>> hello.  i've been using lyx for a while now, love it, and am just about to
>> start my thesis.  I cant wait.  But i tried to convince a friend to use
>> lyx, and i felt pretty stupid.  because I cont know how to pronounce it.
>> how do you pronounce lyx?
| Consensus is (for english speaker) :
| licks

try to meake the 'eeeee' sound a bit more like 'yyyyy'

| to rhyme with "Weetabix"
| We really need Matthias do us an .au :
| "Hi, my name is Matthias Ettrich, and I pronounce LyX LyX"
| Or Lars.

I did one several years ago...


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