On Tue, 30 Dec 2003, Herbert Voss wrote:

> Eduard Ralph wrote:
> > I haven't checked all Archives etc. but I ran into a problem with Lyx in the
> > German Version. If you insert a List to Algorithms table it creates an entry
> > with the title 'List of Algorithms' instead of the German one
> > 'Algorithmenverzeichnis'. It creates all other Tables like the 'List of
> > Figures' correctly in German and it also puts the right entry into the lyx
> > file it self. It appears to be a problem only during the generation of the
> > latex file.
> you can change this in stdfloats.inc, copy this file
> from /usr/local/share/lyx/layouts into your local
> home dir ~/lyx/layouts
> and then change the line with the title. Do this
> change without a running LyX.

Is this sort of a bug? (i.e. that it has to be changed manually like this)


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