On Wednesday 15 December 2004 00:10, Antoine Marmignon wrote:
> I'm trying to use mp3tolatex
> (http://www-ipg.umds.ac.uk/t.hartkens/ftp/mp3tolatex/)
> to produce lyx files. I have created the lyx layout file, moved it to the
> appropriate dir and reconfigured lyx, but lyx doesn't seem to like the
> files produced with mp3tolatex ("Invalid lyx file" error).

  I found the problem. I had to modify the source code to make it compile 
with gcc 3.4, if you want to I can send you the whole patch. :-)

  The easy fix is to go to textconst.h and modify line 542, where it has:

const char *LyxIntro="
#This file was created by <mp3tolatex> Tue Jul 18 21:47:20 2000

  remove that newline so that it becomes:
const char *LyxIntro="#This file was created by <mp3tolatex>...

> Does anyone have the same problem or maybe a solution ?

  Jean-Marc, is it worth to change lyx2lyx to cope with this behaviour? The 
problem here is the new line at the begin of file.

> Thanks in advance.

José Abílio

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