Hi people,
I need help in the addition and use of a new class.
A forthcoming conference just provided a package for us to write our papers. It contains:


i.e. a class file, a style file, and an example file - so I guess (LyX made me lazy, so my understanding of the
Latex world of classes is a bit vague).

The problem: when importing hmm2005.tex, relyx says:

   reLyX directory is: /usr/local/share/lyx/reLyX
   reLyX, the LaTeX to LyX translator. Revision date 2003/01/20

Reading LaTeX command syntax
(hmm2005.tex: Splitting Preamble
Creating LyX preamble
Cannot find layout file hmm.layout in dir(s) /root/.lyx/layouts /usr/local/share/lyx/layouts at /usr/local/share/lyx/reLyX/ReadCommands.pm line 267, <PREAMBLE> line 12.
Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/bin/reLyX line 76, <PREAMBLE> line 12.
Exited due to fatal Error!

now: why do I need a hmm.layout, when I already have the cls file? I know for sure that hmm2005.tex compiles
correctly under latex, so it is a relyx issue...

thanks for any help...

Alessandro Magni

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