Axel Dessecker wrote:

> sorry for the late response only after the weekend.

this is an ongoing problem, and thanks for your reply!

> I had some problems with graphics conversion before, which were fixed by 
> Eitan 
> Gurari. Have a look at

yes I had seen that, but for a tex4ht-newbie it's not so clear where in
the config file it must be included. Also the nice and simple oolatex
command has to be replaced by the full-blown htlatex-with-switches
command. And after all my problem was not so much "improving the
quality" but that the graphics were lost.

Anyway, I found out in the meantime that msword seems to cope with
(manually inserted) eps-files, so that's probably the route I will take
this time, given that the whole conversion job requires manual
finetuning anyway. (Not sure right now whether my eps files are bitmap
or vector, but they scale great in Ghostview. It's probably best to
output on a postscript device, which in this case I hope is a safe

> If this does not help, you might ask Eitan at gurari AT cse DOT ohio-state 
> DOT 
> edu.

yep I did that and will post any further hints to this list.


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