well, thanks pablo. at the moment i cannot upgrade to suse 10 as i am 
developing under suse 9.3 at work and we need some rest before upgrading.
thanks very much

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On Monday 07 November 2005 10:39, Gisbert, Fernando wrote:
> I'm sure this topic has been commented before, but i can't find a
> satisfactory answer in the mail archive. sorry. My problem is that lyx
> cannot manage accented words (i'm writing a document in spanish, currently)
> under suse 9.3. I had no problem under suse 9.1.
> thanks in advance for any answer.

Qt in SuSE 9.3 is corrupted. If you must use accents, you will have to 
recompile Qt. I should know: it was I that filed the bug report to KDE. 
It is far easier to download OpenSuSE 10 from 
http://www.opensuse.org/Download. If instead of doing a clean install you do 
an "upgrade system", you will be able to keep all your existing personal 
files (back them up anyway).
On SuSE 10, my Lyx documents are written both in French ans Spanish, with all 
due accents.
Pablo Ortúzar

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