Hi, I've been using a4wide, which seems to behave reasonably with a4
paper, but now I am trying to get border correction (so that the inner
margin is wider than the outer)

Thus I tried using the line


This gets the border correction to work, but the top and bottom
margins are wrong. Although I set a top & bottom margin of 2cm the
header is only 3mm from the top and the page number touches the lower
edge of the page.  I can correct this by adding another 2cm to the top
and bottom margin. However the page prints differently with different
printers --- on the HP-Laserjet4L it prints 1 or 2cm higher on the
page than with the university printers.

Has anyone got reliable (and preferrably correct) margins with border
correction on A4 paper?

John C. McCabe-Dansted
Master's Student,
Pet project: http://wiki.lyx.org/Tools/LyX-GrammarChecker

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