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> 1.  How do I reformat the table of contents?  Specifically, I a) need a
> double space inserted between the chapter title and section titles and b)
> need to enlarge the font from Default to Large.

I'm not sure, I think this is the default for Book(koma-script).
Generally Book (koma-script) is the best choice for Theses.

> 2.  I have some tables that won't fit the page horizontally unless I make
> the font really small (too small).  I need to enlarge the font, but would
> you suggest I a) orient the tables to Landscape and span them multiple
> pages or b) make the columns narrower?

How can you make the columns narrower without reducing the font size?

> 3.  Page bottom margins are set to 1" but on some pages, the text goes
> below 1" (to about 0.75").  I don't understand why--seems to be a bug.

I am not sure why this is happening, but...

By default, LaTeX puts the header and footer inside the margins. For
some reason LyX doesn't let you set the "head" or "foot" options in
the geometry package or the "includehead" and "includefoot" options. I
have manually added:


to my Layout->Document->preamble. This may help. (change the margins
to what you want ofcourse, i.e. replace some of the "2cm" with "1in").

> 4.  Widow/orphan control is not working consistently.

what is this?

> 5.  How do I get a figure/graphic to start a new page?  If a page break
> needs to be inserted, do I insert a "top" or "bottom" page break?

I am using 1.3.7, which doesn't give these options. I would say just
use which ever looks right when you output pdf.

> 6.  How do I get Lyx to triple space between figures and subsequent text
> (not the caption)?  Currently it is double spaced and I don't know how to
> change it.

I don't know, I just use the defaults.

> 7.  How do I eliminate the triple space between the end of one section
> (or subsection) and the next section heading?  Lyx seems to arbitrarily
> place triple spaces here and there and I don't want them.

This sounds like something that LaTeX does automatically because it
thinks it is in some sense correct.

You can manually remove a bit of space by starting a Evil Red Text
(i.e. press Cntl-L).

in this ERT, you can type

this will remove vertical space equal to twice the height of the "M" character.

> 8.  Currently there is a triple space between the References page
> heading and the first listed reference.  I need to change to double
> space but see no way to do this.

I use the default, which LaTeX thinks is correct. If it is a
requirement to remove this text... it would be nice if universities
gave sample .tex files demonstrating the approved formatting.

Perhaps other people will be able to help you more.

John C. McCabe-Dansted
Master's Student

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